Each year our club gives well deserving kids in our community funds to help out with their extended schooling after graduating high school.  Our Toolship Awards focus on the trades and we give out two $1500 awards to graduating seniors from the Manchester School of Technology (MSOT). Vaso Partinoudi, Assistant Principal /CTE Director at MSOT (and one of our newest member of our club) is here presenting their awards.

DESIRE SMITH is a student in the cosmetology program. She has successfully completed her 3rd year in the program and is eligible to become certified as a cosmetologist this summer. Desire is a very accomplished person who is a  member of several student and professional associations. She is a good student and has already begun working in her chosen career field. Desire works as a receptionist at Supercuts this year an will be joining their staff as a hairdresser once she passes her Cosmetology exam in August. 
JADEN BREAULT is a student in the electrical technology program. He always goes above and beyond when it comes to learning new skills and helping other students succeed. After 2 years in the Electrical Technology program, he is well on his way to becoming a successful master electrician and owning his own business. Jaden already applied to the Massachusetts  Electrician's Union for an apprenticeship and is waiting to hear back. We are sure he is going to be selected!!!