Joining us on Nov. 3rd was Nancy Nichols, a Certified Licensed Civil Engineer.  Nancy is a lover of the outdoors and is passionate about helping people limit their carbon footprint on the planet through construction options.  She does consulting work on basement water intrusion, energy efficiency, property assessment, structural evaluation, plan reviews and engine consulting.  She also conducts “Building Forensics” for insurance needs.  If the question is to renovate or knock it down, a person of Nancy’s background and training is the one to call.
Nancy is a graduate of West High School and holds degrees from Bowdoin College, UC Santa Barbara and UNH.  She is married and has two grown children.  She is licensed in NH, ME and MA and has 25 years of experience.
Joining us on Oct. 27th, was the RAISE team - Linda Greer, Arnold Robinson and Kristen Clark.  The team spoke about the $25 million RAISE grants awarded to Manchester by the US Department of Transportation for the "South Millyard Project".  The city of Manchester has also budgeted a $5 million match to fund the project. The funding will focus on a new roadway with a bridge with pedestrian and bike access over railroad tracks from South Commercial Street to Elm Street and then to Willow Street, a “peanut roundabout” to improve bicycle and pedestrian access near the intersection of South Willow Street and Queen City Avenue and a pedestrian bridge over Granite Street.
The projects were in the planning states as early 2019 with open forums for residents and businesses to share ideas and concerns.  The aim of the completed project is to mitigate traffic congestion, provide increased transportation options including biking and walking trails to create opportunities for development throughout South Elm Street.  The 4-part project will break ground in 2024 and planned to be completed by 2029.
Joining us on Oct. 20th was Barry Glennon, NH Securities Commissioner. Barry gave a very informative presentation about investment fraud and what to look for when investing your money.  His organization has several responsibilities:  License Brokers, Regulate Securities, Conduct Field Exams, Investor Education and Enforcement of Regulations.  He left us all with a publication from the NH Secretary of State Bureau of Securities Regulation.  He told us that the 53–70-year-old age group is targeted the most by scam artists.  The traits of a scammer are:  works to be a good friend, a good listener, dresses well, they research you, down plays the risk of the scam.  He made mention of Ponzi Scheme where investors are paid by funds that are gotten from other investors and not by profits or dividends.  The prime investments are promissory notes, real estate and business investments. When the time is right the scammer takes all the money and leaves the investors holding the bag! 
Things to look for:  Tips from those you know, online or traditional advertising, free lunch/dinner offer, unsolicited calls, junk mail, pressure to act, things you don’t understand and all talk no documentation.  Also beware of the phrase “Trust Me”.