Brian and John are friends and both retired from their respective careers. Brian was a business owner and John was an air traffic controller.  Together they decided they needed to help the Ukraine people survive this horrific war.  They presented a sad but hopeful tail of their humanitarian trips to the Ukraine battle zone.
They have made four trips to Poland and Ukraine with another trip coming up on May 3rd. Before making each trip, they have come home and raised $50,000 or more before going back. With this money they purchase humanitarian supplies such as food, clothing, cleaning supplies, medicine, bed linen and toiletries. They buy these articles once they arrive in Ukraine and they drive them through dangerous areas of the war zone to deliver the supplies to the refugees, mostly women and children, or to drop off points so the supplies can be picked up and brought back to where they are needed. The Ukraine men 18-60 must stay and fight on the front lines.
They showed many pictures which they had taken of the destruction that the Russians have inflicted on the Ukraine people. Schools, churches, high rise apartments, store fronts, and many individual homes which have been destroyed.  They spoke about a shopping mall that was converted into a processing area for refugees. Each store had been cleaned out and represented a different country where the people were going because they knew someone in that country. This facility would process between 600-1,100 people per day and get them on their way to a safe haven. They talked about people who would arrive with all their worldly belongings which was sometimes only a backpack on their back.
The first few trips were funded by a “go-fund-me-page” but now they have joined forces with, a California-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, which specializes in providing aid directly to Ukrainian residents & refugees.  Their website is  You can see their incredible story or donate to the cause on the web, Facebook, Twitter or Messenger.